Trending now-Stuhrling,Wewood&Skagen watch reviews

Trending watches – Stuhrling, Wewood, and Skagen watch reviews

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Everyone is very particular when buying watches because not only do they symbolize an individual’s style, but they can also be a socioeconomic icon. The richest people always flaunt their hundred thousand-dollar watches because it only shows others how wealthy they are. For average-earning people, watches can be a very good investment. Just like jewelry, watches can be kept for many years and their value may appreciate as their heritage becomes more prominent.

For those looking for stylish, high quality, and reasonably priced watches, the best brands to consider are Stuhrling, WeWood, and Skagen. What makes each brand special?

Stuhrling Watch Review: The Epitome of Swiss Quality

When you hear about Swiss watches, you always think about quality. The same goes for Swiss knives and Swiss chocolate. Stuhrling is one of the brands of Swiss watches that uphold the true quality of the country. What makes Stuhrling watches truly magnificent is their mechanism, often visible from outside. Their complex gears and intricate designs are both eye-catching and wonderfully made. Imagine the delicate procedure of piecing together such an elegant watch!

The Tourbillon model, one of the most expensive models from Stuhrling, is the perfect example of absolute craftsmanship. The details are very precise and the materials used are of highest quality. It is really mean to last a lifetime.

WeWood Watch Review: The Advocate of Green Living

This watchmaker is very unique and also quite young. Established in 2009, their almost seven years of operation has made them quite known for their one-of-a-kind concept: wood watches. Both economical and eco-friendly, WeWood wood watches are designed from different types of trees including Maple, Guaiaco, and Celtis.

WeWood watches come in analog and chronograph designs. Both styles are very skillfully made, with fully functional and well-detailed mechanisms. It’s surprising to know that the wood used for making WeWood watches are taken from floor scraps. The company has also paired up with American Forests as part of their philantropical work. For every sale they make, a tree is also planted, making their business not just unique but also for a good cause.

Skagen Watch Review: When Minimalism Meets Fashion

A Danish brand, Skagen was established in 1989 by a husband-and-wife partnership. The most prominent characteristic of this brand is their minimalist approach when it comes to design. Their watches are elegant, sleek, and very plain. Most models only have lines or dots for the numbers, and straight hour, minute, and second hands. Some of the models have smaller faces to indicate the month, day, and 24-hour time.

What most people love about the brand is the sleekness of the design coupled with the high quality materials used to construct the watches. Skagen is known for their simplicity which only makes their high quality materials stand out.


These three brands have very unique features which make them truly worth buying. It’s not a bad idea to get one of each! You can add them to your collection or just use them for your everyday activities. Your watches will never go to waste because they will always be a memorable addition to your wardrobe.

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